At Speak, we're an international team who exist to empower people through learning and development. Human potential excites us, and so we strive to help staff of all levels to perform at their very best.

Our strength lies in our ability to combine our professional accomplishments and qualifications with our creative approach, receptiveness and adaptability.

With our flexible approach to program design, we work as part of your business to ensure that through specific knowledge, expertise and practical training, we give your team the confidence to succeed.

Engagement. Confidence. Performance.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is all about communication. We believe in dialogues not monologues. Our team engages participants and when we work, we have conversations. We chose "Speak", because it's unique to people.

Our sessions are designed to facilitate an open environment where perspectives and ideas can be shared. Employees don't want to be lectured to. They want to feel included and be part of the conversation. We bring people together and help them feel open to self-improvement and change.

Through our sessions, we provide staff with new knowledge, different ways of thinking, and skills that they can immediately apply. We facilitate personal and professional breakthroughs that positively impact the performance of organisations. When staff feel valued and invested in, they value and invest themselves in what they do, and how they do it.

Our Approach

Flexibility is the keystone of our approach, so we adapt to directly address your business needs.

Whether we partner with you on a one-off basis, or on your strategic vision, we build an in-depth understanding of your team and your business.

Cookie-cutter solutions only go so far. The most effective training programs take into account differences across job roles, departments, organisations, cultures, sectors and regions. When we understand the challenges and opportunities your staff and business face, we create and deliver material that your team can really engage with.

From NGO's to corporates, customer service staff to executives, we've seen the results.

Our Program Design

We love what we do and we don't offer to do anything that we don't feel is important, enjoyable and a productive use of time. By designing and structuring programs that address the specific challenges and opportunities facing your business, we help to motivate and focus your teams on the things that are important to you.

Through a variety of psychological tools, creative concepts, exercises and activities, we unleash the potential of your staff. New skills make your people more effective which, in turn, makes your business more effective.

With pre-course consultations, check-ins, as well as post-course follow up sessions and support, we believe in delivering a holistic service to all our clients. We stand by our contribution, analyse outcomes and support your organisation throughout the journey.

Our Case Studies
Speak Successes

Our Case Study 1

An international NGO wants to increase engagement across their organisation, which is filled with dozens of intelligent, but frantically busy people with vision, big hearts and little time.

  • The opportunities

    Increase employee engagement | Reduce staff turnover | Develop middle management leadership skills | Increase trust throughout the organisation

  • Speak's solution

    Employee engagement survey | Insight gathering | Trust building workshops | 'Little and often' leadership development approach

Our Case Study 2

An international finance organisation wants support in improving communication 'hot spots' that arise from having international offices operating in different time zones.

  • The opportunities

    Improve communication efficiency across time zones and regions | Help staff at all levels effectively represent their ideas | Increase participation in meetings and teleconferences

  • Speak's solution

    Blended learning approach | Individual coaching | Group training | Workplace assignments | Peer coaching

Our Case Study 3

A top Hong Kong University wants to see its graduates enter the workplace with confidence, positive energy and the right attitude.

  • The opportunities

    Support graduates through their transition into the workforce | Equip graduates to be the best they can be when they land a job | Upgrade and manage the student mentor program | Build student confidence and life skills

  • Speak's solution

    Career coaching | Training in job seeking skills | Workshops in core business skills | Formalising the mentor program | Equipping mentors and mentees with essential skills

Our Case Study 4

A private members club, which prides itself on exceptional service, wants to improve the English communication skills of member facing staff

  • The opportunities

    Improve English skills | Build employee confidence | Improve member satisfaction with service levels

  • Speak's solution

    Create custom designed courses for each department | Develop case studies based on club processes | Provide insights into Western service culture | Support traditional training solutions with neuroscience | Blend communication and language skills training

We consult in Communication Skills - Leadership - Organisational Development

Our Team

The team at Speak has a jigsaw of eclectic backgrounds, and that's how we like it. We've found the perfect fit. Our team effectively combines talent, pragmatism, creativity and expertise. Considering our different backgrounds we have a lot in common. Our fundamental focus is on people. Together with our fellow trainers, we improve businesses through the power of their people.

  • Becci Walker

    Becci Walker
  • Tanya Menzel

    Tanya Menzel
  • Henry Chamberlain

    Henry Chamberlain
    Director - Organisational Development
  • Mary Barbara Hanna

    Mary Barbara Hanna
    Senior Learning Consultant

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